I am going to attempt to unplug from social media for a bit.  I have been inspired by the glorious Milagro Girl. This may last until tomorrow, or until my new phone comes in and I get really excited to play with it, or maybe until New Years.  (probably not, but who knows.)

I have been progressing into this unplug for about a week now.  Last weekend, Michael and I went to Six Flags and left our bag on the dock because we felt really unnaturally trusting of strangers.  Don't trust strangers with two phones and two wallets with two debit cards, four credit cards, two drivers licenses, and a social security card.  Just learn from our mistake.  (Side note: we are fine! Got all of the cards cut off with only a few redbox movies rented with them. ) Until my new iPhone comes in, I am using an old phone that really doesn't work how I would like it to.  Needless to say, I have realized how totally spoiled I am and am VERY thankful for Apple products now.  Also, I have tons of respect for those of you with Droids.  They are super confusing and make me angry.

Back to the unplugging- I have only been using this phone for calls, texts, and Instagram, but the camera doesn't make me happy so I wasn't really posting pictures.  I was just getting jealous of my friends being able to post pictures of our desserts at Sandra Bullock's bakery in Austin and I couldn't.  So I just deleted that app.

So I am hoping to create a lot more free time by doing this.  Milagro girl said I should have a few goals to motivate me and I totally agree, so more than anything, this post is to get my goals out there.

1. Get ahead on school work.  Like really ahead.  Like go ahead and do my final project for Personal Selling ahead.

2. Write a mass to-do list.  This is just because to-do lists really motivate me to get things done!

3. Organize my home.  I have had organize the bathroom cabinet on my to-do list for at least a month now and it hasn't happened.  I also have an Ikea dresser in the middle of the living room that really needs to go to the bedroom.  There are also a million other things.

4. Grow my relationship with Christ.  Typically, I would move things like this to the top of the list to make myself look good, but I'm typing things as I think of them, and I just now thought of this.  Clearly, this time should be used to get this to the top of the list and get my priorities straight.

5. Read more.  I went to a fantastic book store on Sunday in Austin called Bookpeople, but I couldn't justify buying a book because I haven't made time to read lately.  I want to read more.  I love reading when I have time!

7. Create Something.  It has been forever since I have actually exercised my personal creative side.  I am so ready to make something I am proud of.

If you need me at any point, text me (include your name! I have no numbers saved in this phone either!) or email me: victoriawsearcy {AT} gmail {DOT} com!

Love you all.  Really.



On his day off.

Should be working on a project that is due in two days, but I just had to post something quick. I just really like this print and it made me giggle! 

I saw it on Pinterest, but it's original home is on Matt Kaufenberg's blog.  I just fell in love with this whole site.  




Things I am loving on this October First: 

1. Candles

2. Season two DVDs of Downton Abbey

3. Coffee first thing in the morning

4. Fairytale Pumpkins

5. Chilly mornings

6. Cardigans

7. Renewed spirit

8. Good books

9. Lots of rain

10. Craft projects

What does your October love list look like?