What keeps me up at night.

We all have that thing. You know the one.  That whole category of thoughts that keeps you up at night.   For most people these are deep thoughts like what to do with the rest of their life, how to save the world from hunger, financial issues, you know, really serious stuff.  For me though, I think its scarier than any of those.  What keeps me up at night is how to decorate my house. YEAH. Scary stuff, right?

Seriously though.  I lay awake trying to figure out how I can arrange a room and make it better, where to hang pictures, if it's okay that my house doesn't really have a color scheme.  Then I rearrange and I lay awake debating if I really like it.  If Michael is still mad at me for forcing him to trade sides of the bed because my bedside table looks better on the right side of the bed instead of the left and I am not trading bedside tables!

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It's ridiculous, I know.  Now I'm off to switch some throw pillows and move the couch one inch to the right.



Happy 5.

Another Monday, another 5 reasons to be happy. 

1. Kitty snuggles, hugs, and kisses. 
2. The smell of lavender. 
3. A rearranged room. 
4. Progress on a project. 
5. A new book.  




I always have a continuous stream of things that I want running through my head.  I guess it's the American consumerist in me.  So, I thought it would be appropriate to make a post every so often for ALL of you who want to buy me a gift for just being awake by 9 on a Tuesday.

1. This lamp.  Because DO YOU EVEN KNOW ME DUH. 

2. This print by Artsyville.  I just discovered her on Instagram and I'm obsessed. 

3. This, this, and this from the Container Store.  Yeah, I am serious about that battery organizer. 


4. A Buddha butter dish.  I need a butter dish and I might as well have a fun one.  

5. The Violight Zapi.  I've wanted one of these for a while! 

6. This Over-the-Door Makeup Station.  This whole one bathroom thing + no natural light is one of the few things that can cause tension in our relationship.  

So go ahead, get your credit cards out.  I've provided links for easy purchasing.  I can provide my mailing address if I need to? 



Favorite Reads. 2.

A continuing dedication to the blogs I love.

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess is a blog written by two sisters who own a vintage store called Red Velvet and have written one book and are working on another now! They are really fun and diversified- which is why I love their blog.

They post great recipes... 

...the best DIYs...

...and my favorite, the decor posts

They also have fun fashion and beauty advice! I really enjoy the big mix of subjects and voices in this blog.  They are so fun and make me wish I had a sister! 



Encore, Encore!

Driving Miss Daisy has been extremely successful in its six performances! So much so that one more show has been added for this Saturday, February 23, at 7:30! Seating is very limited and filling up quickly- we want you to be there! Call Henderson Civic Theater at 903-657-2968 to reserve your tickets.  

Setting up Kim's microphone has made us very close, very quickly.  
She also hates that I always have cold hands! ha! 

 Holk, Daisy, and Boolie during curtain call.  

Two of the funniest men I know! 

I am so lucky to have worked with this amazing group of people.  The cast works together so well, and that is mirrored with all of the crew back stage.  I truly hope you can come see what a truly wonderful local performance looks like! 

Thank you so much to Rick Zullo for taking all of the pictures for Miss Daisy! This is the second post I have used them for- so good to have all of these funny memories captured! 





Happy Five

Source: here.

1. change.
2. good news.
3. rainy days.
4. being productive.
5. great dessert.

Comment with your happy five for this week!



Driving Miss Daisy

For the past six weeks, I have been working on Driving Miss Daisy at Henderson Civic Theater.

I've worked on the set...

...found and altered costumes...

...learned how to do old age makeup...

...and became Daisy's personal assistant. 

It has been so fun! This is the last weekend we have a show, I hope to see you there! 

Friday- 7:30
Sunday- 2:30

Call 903-657-2968 for tickets! 



Favorite Reads. 1.

A dedication to the blogs I love.

Design Love Fest

DLF is full of color- which is what drew me in first.  I fully appreciate her balance of teaching photoshop skills (it's my DREAM to go to blogshop!), style posts, DIY, and overall cool-ness and inspiration.

She's got... 

...fun DIYs...

...and tons of other fun stuff.  

highly recommend.