Get Dressed.

I hardly ever do outfit posts.  Mostly because I'm terrible at putting together outfits- I would love for someone to come over and just tell me different things to wear together so I don't wear the same thing over and over.

Well, Michael and I decided on a whim to go to Dallas on this past weekend and we had a blast! We had time to kill before meeting up with Hillary for dinner, so we went to the Ballpark at Arlington.  Where else?  I had my camera with me, so he snapped these while we soaked in the beautiful day and sounds of the kids playing in the small park.

Blazer- Gap
Blouse- ?? I got it at a botique in Dallas! 
Jeans- BKE
Shoes- Miss Albright from Anthropologie
Sunnies- Free People
Bracelet- Urban Outfitters

We had so much fun!! 

Take an adventure this weekend. 



Adventures of a First Time Housewife. Day 56

To catch everyone up, Michael and I have a rent house! We have everything moved in and he is living here.  I am here all the time, but still staying overnight at Mom and Dad's house.

We love our rent house! It's on a main road and is 10 minutes across town from my parent's home, which will cut down just a tiny bit on my commute to school after we get married- yay! It is a two bedroom, one bath, pier-and-beam that we estimate was built in the 1940's.  Our landlords recently renovated it- only one couple has lived here for a few months while their home was being built, so it's very fresh and clean! 

But, as all of you who have lived in a home that is pier-and-beam or was built over 50 years ago, there are downsides.  Like that musty smell that can so easily occur.  It is my arch enemy.  In the past 56 days, I have figured out ways to defeat this thing that I so despise.  

 Super basic, right? I clean constantly.  I also clean with products that are either scented neutrally, or that I really like their smell.  I use Comet in the kitchen and bathroom for the "hardcore" cleaning, and I love Fabuloso for spills, countertops, and incidentals.  I really don't know how we cleaned the house before we knew about this stuff.  If you get the big bottle of concentrate (I like the lavender kind) and water it down in a big spray bottle, it lasts for a long time.  It guestimate that I use one part Fabuloso to 4-5 parts water. Maybe more.  I dunno.  Water it down until the smell isn't overwhelming.  

Yay standardized picture from Google image search!
 Once we got the washer and dryer hooked up, the smell got better instantly.  I wish the dryer vent ended in our garage so it would smell good too! Again, use scents you love.  Tide is a faithful standby.  I'm a Cheer girl myself, and I like the Downy Simple Pleasures sheets in the lavender serenity scent.  (noticing a pattern of lavender??)  After I use these, I tuck a couple in the return air vent and change them out regularly.  If I have company coming over I take them out so they don't think I'm crazy.  I learned this trick in the college dorms. (The sheets in the vent. not the "I'm not crazy" act.) 

Air Fresheners.
 Occasionally I use Fabreze Air Effects, but only if we've cooked something that smells strong.  I'm sure if we had a vent-a-hood this wouldn't be near as bad.  I currently have the linen and sky scent, but I would probably like the lavender too. Surprise.  I don't use this as much as I use anything else because it can come across as overbearing and chemical smelly.  I don't like that.  

 I love candles.  Probably because my mother didn't love candles and I always had a fascination.  Plus my friend's mom let us dip toothpicks into her candles and make crayons that didn't really work anyways but it was still fun and I couldn't do that at my own house.  I have two that I really like the scents of right now, both are pricey, but totally worth it.  First, Jonathan Adler's Hashish Candle.  It has a very woodsy smell, but it's really strong.  I only burn it in short intervals. 
I know, I know, crazy packaging.  and name.  No, there is not weed in it.  
Then, this weekend, I found THE HOLY GRAIL of candles. That's right. I'm serious about my candles now.  Let me set this up for you.  It's your first time at Northpark Mall in Dallas.  You've wandered about aimlessly and can't figure out why the only entrance into Neiman Marcus on the second floor requires you to walk through the children's clothes.  You ride down the escalator and see it: Anthropologie.  Walking in, you notice the beautiful clothes and gorgeous pieces for you home.  Then, you're over taken by that sweet, sweet smell that is in all Anthropologie stores.  I have figured out what that scent is.  It is the Capri Blue Volcano Candle.  And it is perfect.  

Any other tricks you have to keep your home smelling great?  I would love to hear them! 



Cry Babies.

The results are in... you guys think think we both will cry!  

Truth is, I don't cry. ever.  I'm almost like Cameron Diaz on The Holiday.  Ok, sometimes I cry.  But  only when I'm stressed beyond belief. That certainly won't be the case on our wedding day! 

You guys may prove me wrong, but I truly believe that Michael will be the one crying! He's not overemotional or anything- but he shows his emotion more than I do.  

I can't wait to see who really does laugh, cry, or any other emotion that comes with the big day! 



Our Wedding: Insider Edition

I keep getting tons of questions about Michael's and my wedding, so I figured I would tell it all right here- well, not all the details.  There's got to be a few fun surprises!

Let me start by saying that Michael and I neither one have ever wanted a big wedding, especially not a traditional wedding.  Instead of dreaming of the big white dress and stressing about the fact that First Baptist Church of Henderson has two aisles and which one I should walk down like so many girls did, I dreamed of being on the beach and other destination weddings.

We decided to have a private ceremony in a beautiful backyard in Tyler overlooking a lake with the sunset in the background.  The only people there will be Michael, me, Frank Teat, and our photographer, Hunter Leone with his assistant.  That's right, no parents, no family, no attendants.  (I hear you all saying, "REALLY?! I would think you of all people would want a big wedding!" Yes, I can read your mind.)

Immediately after the ceremony, we will go to a very small reception in a renovated barn in Tyler that is now just for weddings and events.  Key words: very small!! It is mostly family and a few friends who I have always thought of as family.

Trust me when I say that the guest list was the hardest thing Michael and I have ever done.  It is what has stressed us out the most of the planning process. We have so many people that we love and care about, but we were very limited.

Why are we doing it like this?  I love huge weddings.  I love the receptions with so many people jammed in a building that you can hardly move through the tables.  I think the people who have had weddings like that very much loved their big day and wanted it to be extravagant and that is wonderful! But it isn't what Michael and I wanted.  We wanted our wedding to not be about the wedding.  We want our "big day" to be about the beginning of an incredible marriage.  It was a decision we put a ton of thought into.

We love the idea of an intimate gathering of the people who care about us more than anyone in this world all together to celebrate and support that we will be together for the rest of our lives- so that's what we chose!

Thank you to all of the friends and family who have sent us encouraging messages and truly wanted to be a part of our journey.  You are all a part of that journey.  You are a part of the marriage, even if you are not a part of the wedding, and that is truly the most important part.  We are so thankful that you respect our decision.



Tears of Joy.

Joanna Goddard wrote a great post about crying during a wedding ceremony.  I'm so curious if I will cry or if Michael will!  Idon't think it will be as emotional because of the ceremony being so small.. more about that this week!

Who do you think will cry at our wedding??? I have my guess... I will tell it when I reveal the results of the poll later this week!

Go read Joanna's post here!



Announcement Tea

Nana hosted an Announcement Tea for me at her newly remodeled home! It was so fun and her house looked beautiful for it! Here are a few glances...

Hillary and I take pictures like this at every event! We have them all the way from when we were kids.

Marj made me this beautiful stained glass! How sweet! 

My soon-to-be mother in law! 

I'm so thankful for both of these sweet friends. 

Lanee and I 

Nana and Dorthy have such a fun friendship! 

Holli and I 

And the fun hostess! Love you Nana!