Sooooo I way splurged yesterday and... and... gained instead of lost.  But you know, that's what weekends are for. Eating at Hibachi grills where there is no such thing as portion control and nothing tastes right left over. Such is life.  BUT IT WAS SO GOOD.  Michael and I spent the day at his parent's house supposedly to get help with my take home test...that never fully happened and I'm okay with that?! Kathy and I spent the afternoon sitting in the kitchen, her making homemade salsa and guacamole, me eating as fast as she was cooking.  Then I  burnt a few calories took a nap then went to Yamato.  It was about 492017498273590246298374 calories and delicious.

B: Eggs and biscuits (Mom cooked, benefit of living at home when you're 20.)
L: Mojoes: half of a Southwest panini with no chicken and a side of chips. I forgot to substitute fruit.
D: Yamato. Michael and I "split" shrimp and steak.. aka we both got enough rice, noodles, and veggies to      live on for 3 years, and that was after the soup and salad...  I ate one shrimp and let Michael have the rest of the meat.

So it was a major splurge, but I think it's okay to have a few of those.  Not once a week, but once a month or less, and work your tail off with portion control in between.  Remember that this isn't about losing weight, it's about being healthy, feeling good in your body and about your body.

love you all,



When we were young you were the king of carrot flowers.

Today I skipped class to go to work with Mom (yeah, I'm 9.) Then I was lazy all afternoon and worked on my Tumblr instead of working on a test that I should have.  Then I spent way too long getting ready to go hang out with a friend I haven't seen since 7th grade!! Thanks to Facebook, we picked up right where we left off. But that's for a later post that includes the infamous iPhone quality pictures... AB FAB.

Anyways... off to my daily menu.  Just come back tomorrow if you don't care how I've lost 4 pounds since Sunday with no exercise.  I'll never know!

B: Toast with olive oil spread.. and.. I splurged..homemade strawberry jam packed with sugar. AND IT WAS GOOD.
early Snack: chocolate chip granola bar. ( the 100 calorie oatmeal kind.. so good)
L: Debbie's salad plate with a special kind of pasta salad, green salad, and fruit.
D: a totally different salad with Italian dressing, roll, and bacon cheddar fries (I didn't eat much bacon, promise!) from Cotton Patch.
And I cheated and drank a Chi Tea Frap from a fabulous coffee shop called Bridge 281 that will be included in my someday-I'll-post-this blog.

till then, keep drinkin' water, folks.



Ruf-io, Ru-fio, Ru-fio. Ru-fi-ooooooooooooo

This is my newest obsession.

enjoy the memories from my favorite childhood movie. 




"Be faithful to your own taste
because nothing you 
really like ever goes out
of style." 
-Billy Baldwin

Found this quote at the front of Real Simple this month with the fabulous picture posted above.  Fits in with another quote I heard from... I can already hear the laughter... my stats professor.  (Who reminds me of someone Tom Hanks would play in a movie.) He said one day to the class, "If you didn't care about 99% of the stuff people think about you, you would be a lot happier." Loved it.  

Enjoy today.  Keep what you genuinely love whether it be relationships, jobs, emotions, or things, and get rid of the rest.  



I am so not in a working mood today.  Lazy lazy lazy.  Why? 1. It's summer. I'm in school five days a week. (COMPLAINT HERE COMPLAINT HERE COMPLAINT HERE) 2. It's a Friday. yes yes, I know it's actually Thursday, but my body is DEMANDING it's Friday.

Anyways, here's what I ate.

B: Wheat toast, olive oil spread (creature of habit)
L: 2 scrambled eggs and 3 slices of tomato, a handful of chips and Albert's hot sauce.
S: Fuji apple, sliced.
D: OK I CONFESS. I ate Francisco's Mexican food for dinner. And it was good. Chips and hot sauce (I promised I wouldn't, but I did, and a child's plate with a cheese enchilada and rice and beans- look, no meat!! 

Thursday that felt like Friday:
B: you guessed it. toast.
L: Claudia's salad plate with tomato salad, fruit, and the special today that was amazing! (some sort of pasta with peppers and tomato and ricotta cheese. And I cheated and had the most amazing strawberry shortcake I've ever had in my life.
S: none! Did you see my huge lunch?!
D: soon to come.. It's only 4:30.

Speaking of: Did you know that you're not supposed to eat after 7 pm?  You retain more of the weight you eat after that point.  I'm talking to you, late working Moms.. and you cereal before bed guys...

love you all.

xo_ vw

edit: I had delicious veggies for dinner: new potatoes, squash, and peas with cantaloupe and wheat rolls. also, I'm over half-way to my prove-to-myself-this-works goal of 5 lbs lost! 



"A year from now you will wish you had started today."
-Karen Lamb

Hope this inspires you as much as it inspired me. 




morning routine. 

Gracie May. 



Zaza for birthday

Favorite Verse of this week: Nehemiah 8:10.



This week I'm challenging myself to not eat meat and drink only water.  This is in hopes that I can prove that cutting out sweet tea and constant fatty meat will help you lose weight easier and faster as well as make you feel better!! Oh, I'm also trying to not eat sweets... you'll see how that's gone so far. I started yesterday morning:

Breakfast: Toast with Olive Oil Spread (instead of butter- tastes just as good, promise)
Lunch: Subway veggie sandwich with no cheese and mustard instead of honey mustard!
Snack: okay I cheated and ate a piece of strawberry cake. BUT MOM HAD MADE IT THIS  
                 WEEKEND SO IT DOESN'T COUNT.
Dinner: Squash chips (idea from my fabulous friend Alison) and I cheated (kind of) and ate a peanut butter
             and jelly sandwich.  But to redeem myself that counted as my protein and it was fruit preservatives-
             not jelly, AND it was wheat bread. Just saying.

Breakfast: Toast with Olive Oil Spread (I heard from a nutritionist that if you eat similar or the same thing
                   for breakfast, it helps your metabolism.  And it's WAY better than no breakfast!!
Lunch: Claudia's salad plate with tomato salad, pasta salad, and fruit. SO good.
Snack: again, cheated, but only ate HALF of a piece of strawberry cake today--SOMEONE TAKE IT
Dinner: Spaghetti (no meat) and salad with Italian dressing. Thanks Mom!

Okay so I've cheated quite a bit. But I'm learning- I'm proud that I haven't had any meat and I've not been craving Dr. Peppers!! And I promise, tomorrow I'm eating scrambled eggs for my protein, so I don't want to hear anything about that!!

Eating veggies is not hard!! You just have to make the right decisions.  You can go to your same favorite restaurants, some places though you have to make a new meal out of sides.   So many places are becoming more conscious and adding vegetarian and some places even vegan options! It makes me so hopeful for the future.  As a daughter of a full-time vegetarian, I know how difficult those places are that are stuck in their meaty ways.

Challenge yourself this week.  I'll try to do another update soon.