excuses, excuses.

I promise to blog more. But not now.

Now I'm in the deepest parts of final tests. The day before two, the week of four total.  I've been calm about it, now I've hit freak out point, so of course I'm ignoring the piles of study guides around me and blogging about why I'm not blogging. Um, okay Victoria. Crazy. 

Thursday at 4 I will be a free woman! Not too much work, no school, just wedding planning until June 29.  I'm so ready for those 50 days of pure wedding planning insanity bliss.

And please excuse this note to my phone.

Dear iPhone, 
I'm sorry you have 1,851 pictures
 on your system that are not 
backed up by your dear friend, MacBook. 
 I promise to take them all off and drown
 my seven thousands of blog readers with your pictures.  







Inspiration 12.

As always, here's what I've found around the internet lately. 

How fun would this be to say love or a last name?


I love cozy and elegant sitting rooms... 

I've been living by this during the week.  

Collections of frequently used items are wonderful.  




Michael and I get drawn to the Ballpark every time we go to Dallas.  I think it's a magnetic pull that is caused wherever you have your first "big date."  So on our adventure day last weekend, we of course ended up there.  And we both loved it!

Standing between his two favorite places.  

We love this place. 

...and sitting next to the lake. 

...and staring at the ballpark.  

We also loved watching this mama duck and her babies! 

So funny to see!