This semester, all of my classes are online, completing my the trifecta of public, private, and homeschooling in my life.  {I went to private school for elementary through middle school, public high school and college, and now it's still public school, but I'm on my own.} 

I am having to learn to be very organized and manage my time wisely.  This week has been a challenge to transition from the "I'm available for whatever you need, anytime" to "Yeah! I can do that! Oh wait never mind I've got school, let me eternally disappoint everyone I've ever promised to do something with."  

The transition has also caused the routine influx of school related pictures on instagram, resulting in everyone wanting to unfollow me and quit being boring in their newsfeed.  This post is specifically to combine all said pictures. 



Happy Five.

1. Three generations of lifelong friends dancing together. 
2. Craft projects that go quickly. 
3. A wonderful story that sticks with me. 
4. Two meals with mashed potatoes in one day. 
5. People who appreciate the work that goes into your efforts. 

What has made you happy during this holiday season?