Bag Lady 2.

Another installment of the Bag Lady.  This week: a camera case, a dopp kit, and a wonderful purse.  The links of where to purchase are underneath the pictures! 



Bag Lady 1.

If you know me very well, you know that I'm not a fashionista. At all. I get stuck in a rut and wear the same pieces over and over.  I do the same thing with shoes- I really don't enjoy shopping for clothes or shoes either.  One thing that I do love shopping for (and buying) is bags.  

Totes, purses, satchels, clutches, duffels, and suitcases. I love them all. 

Here's a few of my current favorites! The link below the pictures will take you to where you can purchase each one.  

(This whole etsy store has some fun stuff!) 



Inspiration 14.

Just some fun pictures from around this community we call the internet. 
As always, contact me if you would like to know where a picture is from, or if a
 picture is yours and you want it taken down.



The Roadtrip: Part 3.

Our third and final stop was to Orange Beach.  We stayed in a perfect cottage for two.  The couple who owns it also has a larger family cottage in the same area (Village of Tannin.)  If anyone is interested in staying in either, contact us and we can point you in the right direction! 

My bridge love applies to tunnels as well. 

A quick pre-beach trip to Target!

Of course, we HAD to get Guthrie's for Michael :) 

Gossip magazines on the beach are necessary.  

This is one of the two alligators that lived in the pond behind our house.  This one's name is Jude! 

Dinner at Cosmos! 

This man is the cutest. 

Our cottage was perfect! Claw foot tub, Anthro bedding, checker print floors.... 



The Roadtrip: Part 2.

For our second stop, we went to New Orleans.  Michael had been a few times before, but it was my first time.  I fell in love and can't wait to go back!

I mentioned on part one how much I love bridges.  The love is forever. 

I love elevators with mirrors! 

Before you even step onto Bourbon St, This fun improv band fills your ears with great music! 

This guy. No words. 

We decided to go on a ghost/vampire/voodoo walking tour.  

A pirate named Tommy happened to be our tour guide. 

I wore the WRONG shoes for the two hour walking tour. 

After the tour, Michael and I continued to walk around the French Quarter.  We loved all the 
little shops and art galleries.  

We had our palms read on Jackson Square- too fun! 

We stayed at the Roosevelt right off of Canal St.  It was wonderful!
 (and had some INTENSE carpet! ha!) 

On our way out for the second day of tourism! 

An obvious stop at Cafe Du Monde.  I love how Michael caught our waitress 
looking like she's taking my hair's order.  ha! 

Fun masks in every shop. 

And when we were ridiculously lost and needing some water! 

We went to St. Louis Cemetery number one- the most interesting grave was definitely Marie Laveau's, and the oddest was the pyramid owned by Nicholas Cage for he, his wife, and his son.  

The World War II Museum was very neat! One of my favorite parts was the toys and other "stuff" they sold with the Victory insignia.  The playing cards with Hitler's face were so interesting! 

We had lunch at the House of Blues.  

It was such a fun part of the trip!