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Wear out the Words I Love You and You're Beautiful...

First outfit post! So exciting!!!

Finally, right? Okay here we go. Outfit one, titled Aggie Sorority girl comes home for Spring Break. (I'm amazingly enough okay with this self given title. Maybe curl my hair next time to make it not so much? okay.)
Before you look, excuse the color. By the time I got off work and got ready, it was dusky and flash was on. Story of my life.

dress: delia's 
sweater: free people
belt: anthropologie
boots: corral
necklace: vintage


Here comes that familiar feeling Friday is famous for

So it's been far too long since I've posted, promise I'll make up for it if you'll forgive me! Okay, thanks.
Life= cRaY CrAy. Tests, work, pictures, babysitting... life goes on and on.

Daddy got home last night after being back in the KAZ for a month. We're so glad :) Mom, Fireman, and I wore matching vintage Chevron shirts for when he walked in the door and had one waiting for him on the counter.  We're cool. Promise.

This weekend, I'm going to Passion Ft. Worth, super excited.  Here's to a few days of worship with David Crowder, Matt Redman, and Louie Giglio.  Also, it'll be the first time to hang with my amigo John Smith (real name, true story) in Dallas when we aren't going to a wedding. Bonus points?

Coming soon aka when I get time aka maybe today maybe in a month:

first outfit post

pictures of Philip

inspiration post

stories of dates past, also known as classy white trash is in, praise the Lord. 

Enjoy your weekend!



Been too long

Good grief it's been so long since I posted! Didn't realize I had been quite that busy..  I still am so for today in the time that I should be getting ready I 'll do a speed post :)

Last night, I found this image at exactly the time that I needed it on Devin Castro's blog.. obsession.  It's like a daily to- do list that I need so badly!!

Hope it helped you out as well,



weekend recap.

No posts since Thursday!! I'm not sure if that's been a good or bad thing.  I did grow a lot this weekend in so many ways though!! I'm sorry I have no pictures of the event's about to be discussed, I know that was one of my goals, but it hasn't happened quite yet.  I need to just learn to use my phone camera, but the reason that didn't happen either will be told!!

Friday after work, I had the opportunity to go on a date with Fireman.  We stayed in town and went to the Fish House, not fancy, but definitely the nicest place you can find in Henderson.  We had a wonderful dinner, complete with messy mozzarella cheese sticks at the beginning and delicious Key Lime pie afterwards.  Then we went backroading.   Now kids, this is where the country girl comes out.  Our first few dates seemed that they weren't complete with a few backroads while telling stories of our lives, serious and funny, laughing and getting choked up.  So now, whenever we need a cheer up weekend, we go for it.  Just drive around Rusk County talking about things other than the monotony that becomes our lives.  We needed it this weekend after we had both had a rough week.

Saturday I worked at Plan It Home and ended up laughing at the most ridiculous of things with Lorraine until about 3 when we decided that I just had to go see the upstairs of the Mays-Harris building.  Oh, is it fabulous.  The teal paint, the wide staircase, the covered arch windows.  Huge open spaces, small offices, old bathroom fixtures still in place.  My favorites were the City of Henderson "no consuming alcohol in public places" pictures and the Optometrist license taped on the wall dated December 10, 1959.  The couple that owns Eclectica is going to renovate the place into four apartments. I can't wait to see!

I then came home to the arduous task of cleaning out my closet.  Two and a half hours and 4 bags of clothes later, I can actually see the stuff I like in my closet.  I then put together a fun outfit involving a men's chambray shirt, brown tights, and a belt on to go see Amanda Harris' amazing direction of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest! It was extremely thought provoking, and very well put together! I believe the best play I have seen at Henderson Civic Theater with it's only rival being Sweeney Todd.

Afterwards, Michael and I went to Mojoe's (which Amanda and Travis, the director of Sweeney Todd, own) to get delicious cider.  Then we went off to drive around for a much shorter drive.  Of course, I get exhausted and start to drift off before Michael can get me home.  Am I 4 years old?!

Today I heard an wonderful sermon at Bar None and went to take Senior pictures of Philip (I promise to post some!) I also put together outfits and continued to clean out clothes, this time the drawers and jewelry... That will take a whole other post though!!

love continually,



you need a little joy in your day.

Trust me when I say, Bethany is by far Mom's and my favorite housewife.  If you don't watch housewives, this probably won't bring you as much joy as it brought me. Quite frankly, that's your problem.




When I was a senior, my family threw a party for me to celebrate my graduation.  It was at Danna and Jason's house (my aunt and uncle) and involved a pool, tons of made on site and from scratch Mexican food (don't even get me started on my love for pupusas...) and most importantly- a huge blow up water slide.  We about killed that slide creating new ways to make it more fun. Going in pairs, standing up to slide on it, covering ourselves and the slide with any kind of soap we could find...

All this to say some pretty great pictures came from Danna standing at the end of the slide capturing our funny faces while having a blast.  These pictures became a book that I received for my graduation gift from their family and in the back was this very special quote.  Ever since then, it has meant tons to me.

Here lately fireworks have really been on my mind.  I think I realized this when, after shunning Katy Perry, I saw her singing with PS 22's school choir (the one that was featured on the Oscars) on Oprah.. don't judge me.  Again, don't judge me when I say that I've been super overemotional lately and the sight of those kid's faces at the surprise of her being there made me tear up.

So, I'm thinking of changing the theme of this blog to Fireworks. Living Madly.  with this quote as my basis.  What do you think my darlings?

I would love to hear from you, comment away!


note: We had fireworks at the end of the night!! That's what made the quote so special!!! Didn't think about saying that.. you know what's obvious in your head is definitely not obvious in the world! There's a lesson there... 



This is one of my favorite things that I took away from my session yesterday.  It occurred to me after I left Emily and started fading gradually back into my everyday life.  I realized that all situations in my life are worth it and even if I do make a certain choice, or don't make another, God has it all in His plan and on his path.  So I'm still trying to figure out what that path is, but I'm not worrying about it.  I'm taking it one day at a time.  


may he turn his face towards you, and give you peace.

Warning: this will be a post without pictures! It will involve me talking about my life changing experience, though.

Yesterday, I went to a session with Emily Smith, owner of The Yoga Place in Longview.  What we did is something that I believe is the next generation of counseling.  Now, when I think of counseling, I used to think of a person with some type of mental disorder or who had a traumatic event happen in their life sitting on a chaise lounge with a stiff typical doctor type listening and prescribing what they thought needed to happen.  

Phoenix Rising  is very different.  It is a certified counselor and yoga instructor taking you through your own mind. This may sound pretty far "out there" and way too new age, but stay with me.  It's really not all that crazy.  First off is where she explains what will happen.  There is a large mat in the floor and tons of blankets, bolsters, blocks, and other props.  She tells me that because this process is very organic and natural, she never knows what she will use.  It is all based on what you say and what she sees that you need.  She also tells me that opposed to regular therapy where the counselor tells you what they think, all of my answers will come from in me.  I am very excited at this point.

Next up is a body scan.  I go stand with my back to the wall and close my eyes.  She tells me to take my attention first to my feet, then ankles, bottom of my legs and so on.  This allows her to watch when I am focused on that area and see if I put my weight in certain areas.  This also gave me an opportunity to really focus on what parts of my body needed attention and where I was holding my weight, my pain, and my stiffness.

Afterwards we started the session.  She asked me to think of different people who were in my life.  To see them as not just the people but like I was watching a movie or looking at pictures.  I saw snapshots of  the people that are closest to me.  She asked me to do the same thing with emotions and situations in my life.  She then works on different parts of your body, very massage like, but at the same time it is like assisted gentle yoga positions.  For everyone this process is different.  She mostly worked on my arms, pulling them into a stretch and asked me to continue talking about what we talked about.  She asked about the sensations I was feeling in the stretch and this progressed into different thoughts.  For example, I told her that the comfort of her hands holding onto mine was overwhelming the stress of the stretch.  That led to her asking about the comfort, then what I thought of when I thought of comfort.  I thought of my grandmother's house when I was little, so she asked me what that meant to me.  I then mentioned my seeking independence, constantly growing out there.  Getting the opportunity to explore and do things I wouldn't typically do.

This type of movement went on for about an hour.  I processed through a lot of the parts of my life causing me stress, got a lot of emotion out, and got to get in touch with me.  At the end, she asked me what one part stood out to me.  I said comfort.  She then asked me to think of what brought me that comfort and without thinking, I blurted out my quiet time.  Now, this is interesting because I was expecting to get answers about life, my future, and my relationships.  Instead, I say the one thing that I have been working on doing.  What I realized though is that doing my quiet time is not about social or religious obligation, I do it because I need that time for myself and just listen to Christ.

It was kind of crazy to me that of all things, that's the main thought that I got out of it.  I loved it though.  It completely held true to what I've been trying to do in simplifying my life and focusing.  I realized that I don't have to have a plan like so many people do.  I have never thought that way.  I can just go one step at a time and God will take me where I need to go.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my journey! If you are interested in Phoenix Rising yourself, I highly  recommend it! Call Emily at {903-295-6604} for all of the details.

Take time for yourself today..



coming soon.

I have so much to write about after an amazing appointment I had today! I'm still processing and it takes a while to explain, so it will be coming this week!! For now, I'll leave you with a quote that came to me years ago via Frank Teat, my youth minister and the man who greatly contributed to who I am in Christ today!

"We and the world, my children, will always be at war.  Retreat is impossible, arm yourselves."
                            -Leif Enger

Have a happy week..