VW by VW

It's official.  I started a business during finals week.

VW by VW {Victoria's Wovens by Victoria Waugh} is the title to what has become my knitting obsession.  Headbands, scarves, and tassels full of personality are currently for sale in Penny and Jack {on McCann in Longview} and in His Blessings {in downtown Henderson.}

I'm extremely excited about it!! It has certainly been an adventure so far and I know it's just beginning.  I am looking forward to creating more woven goods with love and hope that feeling of love is evident when the accessories are worn.

Story Card.

Working away.

Tags {Stamped Library Cards!} 

Sneak Peek at the wonderful floor of Blessings. 

This has brought a face lift to the blog- a new bio and header. I am so amazed at all the Lord has blessed me with and changed in the past year.  It amazes me!! 



Inspiration 9.

Done with finals, so I think I can get back to blogging!! So lets start with some inspiration.

totally agree. 

reminds me of Zentangles. 

inspiration wall. 




Happy Five.

In the midst of finals week, as well as some other adventures that I will tell very soon, I haven't made much time for the blog... but I do need to remember to be thankful.

1. Tye-dying in the dark.
2. Bright colors.
3. Encouraging friends.
4. Big steps.
5. Progress.

What are you happy about?



Christmas List: Art.

Marc Johns is one of my favorite artists.  His quirky, simple drawings are so far from my maximized  ways, so I think he balances me out.  A few of his prints are on my Christmas list.

See all of his work on his website!

and buy me a few prints for Christmas.  



Princesses and Football.

Darlings, I'm taking this Thanksgiving week off for time with family and friends.  Christmas Shopping, Crafting, and the ultimate football game- Alabama vs. Auburn!

Story time: Michael and I watched an Alabama game on TV for our first date-- so romantic, right?! Anyways, I think I won him over when I said, "Princesses need football too!" after I got excited over a play.

Hope to have more pictures and stories when I get back!

extra x's and o's for you this week...



I have an obsession for office supplies. I alway have.  You know how most kids love getting the giant toy catalogue from FAO Schwarz and go through it dog-earing pages and circling toys they NEED?  I  got that excited over the Office Depot catalogue.  Not even kidding.  I get excited on the pen aisle of Target.

Luckily, Anthropologie has whimsical, beautiful office supplies on their website.

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While looking for pictures from this post, I found all kinds of abandoned park pictures.  I instantly became obsessed.  The bright colors faded by time, most being from Six Flags New Orleans, cleared out by Hurricane Katrina and still begging to be rebuilt.

I think these pictures speak for themselves. 



Thoughtful Thursdays: Testimony

I grew up feeling sorry for my testimony.  Not because I was not blessed with a wonderful story, but because I had not discovered how truly blessed I really am.

I started going to church when I was in the crib.  It's on my list of first outings within my first month of life- of course, high school football games are also on that list.  I could recite basic scriptures and bible stories as well as my name and thought Jesus was the only answer to who I served.

When I was six years old, my mother (who was a school teacher at this point) and I were sitting on my bed looking through a book of curriculum.  The lesson we were looking at on this day was history- it was about the Egyptians and their many gods.  I clearly did not get this. gods. Little g.  S on the end. what?

That led into the discussion of Jesus Christ and I right then accepted that He was my Savior and Lord, and that I loved Him with my whole heart, just as He loved me.  I fully believe that I understood my salvation that day.

Of course, over the years I grew in my faith and through Bible courses at Full Armor, church every Sunday, and a wonderful youth group with Frank Teat as our minister, I began to comprehend what Christ's love truly meant.

The summer after my freshman year, the year when I had transferred into the "real world" of public school and seen how the world really was, I started building on that foundation with Super Summer as the catalyst.  Super Summer is a Christian leadership camp held at 3-4 campuses around Texas every summer.  I honestly don't think anything I say about the amazing things God does at this camp will do it justice, so I will leave it at that.

Throughout high school, I met friends and mentors who made me think and grow in my faith.  I still meet people today that really encourage me to grow deeper every day and see what the Lord has for me.

The summer after my senior year in July 2009, I went to Tokyo, Japan, on a mission trip for two weeks.  This was the next major event that God placed in my life to open my eyes.  Since this trip, I have been more open to missions, adoption, and most importantly, I can see the lack of hope in people's eyes and their desire for Christ's love in their lives.

My first semester of college was at Dallas Baptist University.  Getting out of my comfort zone, learning to deal with frustrating people, and having a lot of alone time taught me more than I realized at the time.  I had one professor really stand out to me:  Dr. Mullen, who taught Old Testament Survey.  He got me interested in the Old Testament as well as made me feel cared about when I needed it most.

I then transferred to University of Texas at Tyler.  So many people ask me why I transferred and here it is to set the record straight: I just wanted to.  That's it! Plain and simple.  I learned what I needed to learn at DBU, and it was time for God to take me on another path.  I have been able to grow in awesome ways because of this change.

Since then, I started dating Michael.  We talked about Christianity and faith all of the time and I asked him multiple times if Jesus was his Savior.  You can't rush God's time.  If nothing else from this post, remember that.  One night, we had gone up to Michael's office to feed the shop cat of all things.  We were just talking away and he said he was ready to accept the Lord right then and there.  I was so excited for him.

I am grateful that we now get to grow together.  We listen to what God has in store for the other person on a daily basis.  We tell each other passages that fit perfectly with what one or the other of us are going through.

My story may be basic, stereotypical, whatever you want to call it, but it's all Christ's plan for me.  It's the story of how much He has blessed me and how I know I will find blessings no matter what the path is that He takes me down next.



THE List.

It's that time of year... the time to get your act together and make a Christmas list so your family doesn't call you the week before and you blurt out that you just want a gift card, because let's face it- no one likes getting gift cards.

I decided putting mine on my blog was just as easy, so here's my dream list.  First up, pretty books.  I love a pretty book! It's one of those things that my family has always splurged on.  My grandparents have been known to buy a full set of encyclopedias for decorating just because the bindings were pretty.

Besides being pretty and making me happy every time I look at them on display, I look through all of my books constantly for inspiration.  Books have so much more meaning than pictures on a random blog.

Here's my current pics for coffee table and side table books.  (No encyclopedias were included-sorry Nana.)

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p.s.- my first choice is Design Sponge at Home! 


Personal Paradise.

This week I want to be at Six Flags.  I haven't been in years and I want to go SOOOO BAD!!

It probably has to do with the fact that Papa, Mom, and I talked about the old Speelunker Cave that I didn't have the opportunity to experience.  We found these videos yesterday that made me want to go....

make my adventure come true!! 



the festival.

Every year, Henderson hosts the Syrup Festival.  It's an event spread out from downtown to the Depot Museum of food, booths of random trinkets that you only find at festivals and Canton, and a vintage car show.

Love this color. 

The only day I drink lemonade almost all day. 

So Michael, Laura, and I entered to judge a chili contest.  

Thumbs up for chili, Michael?

Laura's beverage selection.  

Laura and I went to a chili-cook off two weeks ago too, so we're basically pros now.  

I really like Kettle Corn.  

Apparently, this car was my uncle's in high school. How cool is that?!

The interior of this car inspires me.  

Took a random picture of a booth and realized a woman in the background had a beautiful smile on.  

I love the Syrup Festival.