small town football, big state win.

I am SOOO proud to be from Henderson right now, home of the STATE CHAMPION LIONS! 
Pretty sure the entire town was at Cowboys Stadium Friday night.. no really. over 20,000 people were there. We have, what? 11,0000-ish people in the town? Yeah. Sums it up. 

Anyways, I am extremely proud of the season these boys have had and so glad to call quite a few of them my friends and a select few my brothers!! 

 Numbers 84 and 44 are twin brothers.. how great of an experience is this for them?! (Love those Fletcher boys!!) 

 Just about the most legit haircut ever. Please tell me who did this. 
 Steven holding the front page at the end of the game...
Thanks to Longview News-Journal for the pictures! I will post some of my own when I have time... I have pictures all the way back from Syrup Festival on my camera and WAY too many projects to do to even think  about starting on editing!! 



As I Decorate....

 bohemian dreams...
 ...gypsy love... 
...and a bed fit for a princess.. just remember the Princess and the Pea :) 



Go Look!

This is a precious blog post written on The Hidden List! Kelly is a super creative woman living in Dallas, but was raised in little ole' Henderson! She came in Plan It Home to take pictures and visit with us not too long ago, hope to see her again soon!


Can I Please be a Part of the Hilfiger Family?

how cute are they?! 
 need these boots. asap. 
 Perfect: down to the foreign exchange student that never left. 

ahh.. maybe someday.. my prepster side is soooo coming out! 


Some outfit inspiration for you, darlings.

 yes, yes, yes.. a thousand times yes.
 Oh, hey Rumi. 
 I wore a tutu before you did :) 
 hair, yes. neon yellow,  oh yes. 
two words: perfect coat. 


Princesses have to talk about themselves.

I have only posted inspiration so far on this blog and nothing about me. Probably because I'm kind of scared to start this new chapter and go completely open book about my life instead of my creepers on Facebook figuring it out (whether what they figure out is correct or not...) and spreading it like wildfire! Oh, this is the life of living in a small town.

Anyways, I'm Victoria. A 19 year old college student at a small branch of a state school in Tyler. I'm moving back to my hometown right now (long story that will come later..to all of those creepers, no it's not a dramatic "I did drugs and I'm coming back home to Mom and Dad" stories, I've been happily drug free for all 19 years of my life; it's just a new chapter that I'm looking forward to.)  It's been a process to clean out two rooms that have been mine up until I moved a year and a half ago, so they've accumulated ten years worth of my collections and clutter and now I'm going thru and purging most of it. Countless car loads have gone to the trash, thrift store, and the storage building.

I love creating. I will never stop and I love to have a good project.  I just recently started working at an adorable store in downtown Henderson called Plan It Home where I get to create! It's an interior decorating store providing refurbished antique furniture for all design types that you can think of.  We also have window coverings (blinds, drapes, plantation shutters, etc.) and great artwork.  We just finished putting up our Christmas decorations and windows yesterday, I'll try to put up pictures this coming week! It's an unconventional Christmas to say the least.

More to come...

A Little Christmas Inspiration

 love all of the color! 
 The bones of this room (the couch, mirror) are so simple and make the room so cozy! The tree just adds to it. 
How fun and easy would this be?