i married adventure.

As long as I can remember, my grandmother has had a zebra-covered book on her mantle.  I've been obsessed with it and always told her I want to someday inherit it.  She later found me a copy that I'm obsessed with ... but that story is between just she and I ;)

The book is called I Married Adventure and is by Osa Johnson, who we have figured out is the most amazing woman to ever live.  She was a missionary who took safari trips all around the world in her zebra striped plane and lived out her life for Jesus.  I love what I know of her story and plan to read my copy of I married adventure soon!

How cute is she?
Nana and I also spot the book in decorating pictures everywhere....  look in the top picture in this collage! 

Marry Adventure Today. 



Guess what...?

... we found a rent house! yay!! It is recently remodeled has no closet space what-so-ever and Michael and I are so excited! Plus- it's next door to my childhood piano teacher. How fun?!

Literally-there is no closet space. Maybe room for him to hang two dress shirts and for me to hang one dress. So M and I have been on major brainstorming of storage ideas and ways to decorate the house! I wake up in the morning thinking about it.. and wondering how much of the house I forgot about and have dreamed up since we only had a 10 minute walk through.

Michael will move in March (yay!) and I will move in after the wedding.  I think my parents are more excited than we are because they get their house back! All of my furniture is huge and has been in their living room while theirs is in the storage building. I'm so thankful that they were willing to put up with me and my 8 foot long couch and 6 foot sofa!

I have been stalking A Beautiful Mess getting decorating and storage ideas.  Here's what I've found.

can't wait to decorate! 



I always will...

Lots of inspiration I've found lately... happy Thursday night. 

Different Shapes, Sizes, and Subjects... and my new favorite letter: S.. can you guess why? ;) 



Happy Love Day.

...if you don't have someone to kiss, accept the kisses from Jude.  He's all puckered up!

*sending love*



To My Fiance...

Tomorrow I will be gone all day due to school and a lovely group project, so my one and only Valentine's Day during our engagement will be slightly thrown together.  He did cave in and give me part of my gift- a super cute shirt from Penny and Jack!

I took a break from work and studying today to make this little video for a little smile from Michael.

Music is a very small part of a beautiful song by Ciera Kensington- buy her EP on iTunes!!!

Have a wonderful day of love!





Confession: I have an addiction to chocolate milkshakes.  Especially from Herschel's in Henderson.  They're Michael's and my "treat" on Saturdays- only if we've eaten healthy all week. (Okay- halfway healthy. If that.) 

Go get one. You deserve it.