case of the mondays.

If your Monday went anything like mine did, I bet you could use some inspiration today.  Instead of continuing to complain (you can go right over to the side and read my rants on Twitter...)  I am going to use this time to share what made me happy! First off, this image from Free People is just what I needed!

Other small joys?  Watching the office with Michael for the first time in weeks, finding Izzes at CVS, getting the new Gaga Vogue, eating made-at-your-table guacamole at Franciscos (More on guacamole on a later post!) and having lunch with Meagan! Oh how I love catching up with her. 

Hope this week gets better for me, and is wonderful for you!! 


{p.s.- please pray for Daddy as he travels back to Kazakhstan for work!} 


up all night.

I'm so physically exhausted, but my brain is still running!! Thought I would leave you with a post before I go to sleep.

My computer screen is white with no icons of pictures of inspiration (a rarity for me!) I organized them all into their proper folders and have a wall paper from my new favorite blog that says "No is a valid answer."
I'm the worst at saying yes to everything anyone asks me to do, but my life is just too busy to do that right now. 

Speaking of my new favorite, Makeunder My Life has totally inspired me to purge tons of "stuff" in my life, primarily clothes (which was the topic in my previous blog post,) but also decorative items that I no longer love.  

That's my mantra of life right now.  Do what you love.  While purging, I will most likely ask myself, do I love this? multiple times.  That's the point! That's the whole makeunder exfoliating process.  Already I have had to think really hard and stop myself.  I know that Monday's are typically my only days to get anything done but school and work, so I was thinking to myself, oh! I can go to the mall and shop while I'm in Tyler! Thank goodness for Jess. I stopped myself and decided cleaning out my closet and my study would be a much wiser use of my time! I hope I don't decide a nap is a better option.... 

So that's my new outlook on life! Lots of inspirational, not as personal blogs today, but now you know what's going on in my head!! I'll try to post a life update soon.  Maybe that post will actually have pictures. Warning: if  I do, the weekend portion will be full of my adventures in potty training and cooking an endless supply of chicken fries.  Relief: I have no awkward "mommy blogger" potty pictures thank goodness.  


break the mold.

Okay, sitting here while Jude is taking his nap, catching up on inspiration from all over the interwebz. I've decided my closet needs some serious changing! I'm tired of wearing the same outfits over and over and none of it is stuff that I really like! I got the idea to re-haul after seeing a post on Love, Life, Lace and it was further reinforced by the energy that I adore that is seen on Ban.do and Spruce (who I talked about on the post before!)

Color, joy, and energy will be my inspiration.  Here's to wishing I had some money to do this re-haul all at once!!



What's Inspiring Me.

My absolute favorite thing right now is this company! Spurce is a re-upholstering company out of Austin, Texas specializing in taking vintage chairs, benches, and headboards and covering them in outstanding mod fabric! They have been completely inspiring me for the past week, making me day dream constantly about my own future VW bus with my interior decorating company logo on the side! I can't wait for that day to come....

Until then, I will continue to work at my fabulous job with Lorraine and babysitting... like I'm doing all weekend.  Can I please get some praise for being an only child, a female none the less, who is babysitting not one, not two, but THREE little boys all weekend!! I mean.. be proud.  

I'm off to go play outside, hear "Tori, I POOPED!!" and watch Big Redneck Wedding.. oh and fit homework some where in there. 

love, always. xo_vw 


You are my JOY.

This will be a short post due to the fact that I have been up since 6:30 when I am used to 8:30 wake up calls and I'm exhausted!! I did have a good day though- first day that I could take time for ME in a long time!! I got out of class early (always a plus!,) worked out for a little bit- only about 30 minutes..don't judge I'm working up my time!, then I painted for hours!! Oh, so glorious! I love that the Father granted us with the ability to create!!!

On top of my day, I am a granny and still recovering from my amazing weekend.  I helped lead DiscipleNow, staying with an awesome group of Junior girls. [insert fabulous group picture of Ashley, Maury, Kelsi, Jenna, Mary Ruth, Julie, and me. Oh, and Checkers. and Rags. and Tess. And Tinkerbell]
I got really distracted and didn't take my camera out of my trunk. Go ahead and say it- bad mom move! I know, I know. The memories will last me for as long as the pictures would last, so I think we can all get over it.

Lets see- we crafted, watched Disney movies, read an entire book of the Bible (we won't say which one, will we girls?,) wore random dresses, talked about boys, met an amazing woman of God, worshiped a ton, and turned the 200 year old, huge Bible to Song of Solomon.  To the members of Calvary, this was not disrespectful, but fun! PS- please go look and tell me if anyone has changed it.

On that note, I will leave you with the only picture that I have from the weekend- Julie in a fabulous grandma dress taken on my phone. Don't hate.

love always. 


Seeing as my Heart is Fallin...

Wow. These past few days have been stinking insane.  Weekend of bridesmaid dress shopping, Morgan staying over and going to Bar None with me, and praying for warmer weather.  Luckily, it has come! I wore shorts and a long sleeve tee today, aka my favorite outfit.

Tomorrow I have a big test and I've been spending all this beautiful weather indoors, studying.  Lucky me! right?  Oh well, at least I have Disciple Now this weekend to prepare for! Get ready for tons of pictures of this wonderful weekend of worship and praise of our Father.  I have junior girls and have begun studying my lessons and figured out what craft project to do with them!! Exciting!
Converse mean spring to me.. 

This week will continue to be busy.. I'll post when I can but it may be a few days!

Till then, xo_vw


Cause I'll be Laughing at all Your Silly Little Jokes.

I couldn't sleep late this morning and I don't have to leave for class until an hour later than usual, so I'm up and ready way earlier than usual, I know, who am I?!

Anyways, this weekend is looking more and more full by the minute so this may be the last time I get to post until Sunday or Monday.  Friday night, Fireman and I are going to have our Valentine's date! Sorry to all you people who consider it Singles Awareness Day, I adore Valentines. It's my little girl side coming out.  Saturday I am going bridesmaid's dress shopping with my fabulous best friend from high school in Dallas.  I'm so excited to see all the girls I never get to see! Saturday night Morgan is spending the night and going to have the cultural experience of going to Bar None Cowboy Church with my family.  She asked if she could dress up. Like an Indian. I think yes, as long as I can too. Somewhere in there I'm going to try to see my friend THE Joshua Cameron who I met on our trip to Japan.  He's pretty fantastic and I haven't seen him since June!

So while I have a crazy schedule, here's some relaxing ideas to have on a weekend that I have off.

 Kick your feet up. 
 Drive around with the one you love. 
 Look ahead. 
 Don't let life rushing by scare you. 
Be silly. 
 Have fun. 
 Look to Christ. 
 Watch for details. 
And be thankful for rain. 

Have a lovely weekend. 



come together. right now.

Today I have gotten everything accomplished except that dreaded econ quiz.. that's coming next. I pulled some pics off my camera though and thought I would share!!

Sunday night we all went to Danna's house to watch the Super Bowl. We joked and said it was because Jason was gone (he was there, in a suite! Got to meet Cameron Diaz and the Jersey Shore boys and hung out with a bunch of NHL guys,) but we really all just wanted to get together.

Our family revolves around the kitchen. 

 Dips, cookies, chocolate pie... 
 Mom and my cutie pie Jude! 

 I adore this face... 

 Me with Fireman 

 Nana playing this little piggy with Jude! 
 Fireman is already trying to make him a Bama fan... 

 Jude playing this little piggy with Mom..

Michael and I didn't get to watch the last quarter of the game when THE PACKERS WON!! Sorry about that.. anyways.. Michael got a firecall so we went out in the middle of nowhere and I sat in the truck while he helped out.  Since I have to look to the bright side, this was the first time I got to see him looking all cute in his gear, if I do say so myself!! 


Update: The quiz is done! Thought I had failed but I made a B, yay me! 

But not the way that I do love you...

Today, I am having a so-far, self-made snow day due to the fact that when I am half way through the middle of my first class, the roads are going to freeze and I will have a 45 minute drive on ice.  I'm not talented like these guys.  So I'm skipping.. a test. But it's an easy one- have you heard of a college professor letting you use notes? I mean....

So, I'm planning to be productive.  Getting dressed and ready, even if my hair is in a bun still, and working. I may post updates.... or I may just tweet.

Finish Econ Chapter
Read Acct Chapter
Econ Quiz
Acct HW
Clean Study (may happen first so I can concentrate!)

Not too bad, huh?
 Here's what I'm going to be dreaming of!

...And what's actually happening.
Coffee, Dressed, makeup on, and about to do homework for hours while listening to Edward Sharpe and Duffy. I'm okay with that as the rain (soon to be sleet/snow) is falling outside my window...

tell someone you love them today.



Inspiration Wall.

I adore seeing people's inspiration wall's and getting my own ideas from them.  I am continuing to build mine, although it's already overflowing!! Pictures will come soon!

I'll post pics of mine soon!! Hope you enjoy and get some inspiration of your own! 




I didn't make any new years resolutions this year, so a few days ago I ended up writing down a few goals in all areas of my life thanks to inspiration from FunnelCloud!

Career Goals (i.e. business and art):
1. read at least one book a month
     This can be about anything, but it has to either inspire me or teach me. Text books don't count. Books                                        on CD do.  I have a 45-ish minute drive to and from school everyday, so listening to books or sermons or podcasts turn into an efficient way to spend that time. 
2. listen to a CD/book on the way to Tyler everyday. 
Explanation would be rather redundant on this one now, wouldn't it?
3. Learn to draw better this semester without classes. 
I stink at drawing. I always have. I just have more of an abstract painting mind, I guess. 
So this semester I am going to take the time to draw, doodle, whatever! 
4. Learn to write better. 
Again, I have never had good handwriting and didn't take the time to practice when I was 
little so I never made it better. I blame third grade. I blame most things on third grade... 
5. Actually learn in my economics and accounting classes. 
I have a nasty habit of just learning for the test... 
6. Stay organized. 
So far this year I have done great with my planner, to do lists, a separate spiral for each 
class... we'll see how long this lasts. 
7. Blog at least once a week. 
Hold me accountable, people!!! 
8. Carry my camera everywhere. 
I would love to have pictures of my daily life to post, like The Pioneer Woman and NieNie

Spiritual Goals are another list I've been working towards. 
1. Begin to understand Revelation. 
Already started this one by listening to David Jeremiah's sermons over it and 
reading through it right now! 
2. Read Mere Christianity
Have this one on CD.  I will begin listening as soon as I get done with 
David Jeremiah (easier said than done 40 CD set...) then decide if I need 
to read it on top of listening to it. 
3. Read two of John Piper's Books. 
These are so daunting to me, and after hearing Piper speak at Passion 
last year, I know how much knowledge he has! 
4. Read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. 
I always manage to put these off till later because I feel that I know all of 
the stories in them! But this year I will slow down and take it all in. 
5. Pray Continually. 
Who doesn't need to do this more?
6. Listen. 
So often Praying Continually turns into babble to Jesus way too much. I need to 
listen to what his answers are to my prayers. 
7. Get a mentor. 
Someone to teach me more about what I need in Christ. 
8. Be a mentor. 
Paul and Timothy style. I need a Paul and a Timothy in my life. Any volunteers? :) 

Take time to make some goals for your life. I'm the worst at putting it off and not making any... I still have no idea what I want to do with my life. Career day just never was my favorite. Can I be a professional gypsy? Will you support me and send me thousands of dollars every month for a frivolous lifestyle? Thanks