VW by VW

It's official.  I started a business during finals week.

VW by VW {Victoria's Wovens by Victoria Waugh} is the title to what has become my knitting obsession.  Headbands, scarves, and tassels full of personality are currently for sale in Penny and Jack {on McCann in Longview} and in His Blessings {in downtown Henderson.}

I'm extremely excited about it!! It has certainly been an adventure so far and I know it's just beginning.  I am looking forward to creating more woven goods with love and hope that feeling of love is evident when the accessories are worn.

Story Card.

Working away.

Tags {Stamped Library Cards!} 

Sneak Peek at the wonderful floor of Blessings. 

This has brought a face lift to the blog- a new bio and header. I am so amazed at all the Lord has blessed me with and changed in the past year.  It amazes me!! 



Inspiration 9.

Done with finals, so I think I can get back to blogging!! So lets start with some inspiration.

totally agree. 

reminds me of Zentangles. 

inspiration wall. 




Happy Five.

In the midst of finals week, as well as some other adventures that I will tell very soon, I haven't made much time for the blog... but I do need to remember to be thankful.

1. Tye-dying in the dark.
2. Bright colors.
3. Encouraging friends.
4. Big steps.
5. Progress.

What are you happy about?



Christmas List: Art.

Marc Johns is one of my favorite artists.  His quirky, simple drawings are so far from my maximized  ways, so I think he balances me out.  A few of his prints are on my Christmas list.

See all of his work on his website!

and buy me a few prints for Christmas.