Jack.. continued!

I mean I can't get enough of my pirate grandparents.  How cute are they?



Last week, I was so inspired by this image...

so I decided to try my own...

use this... 

spray an unexpected color... 

tape it off... 

paint white! 

...and I forgot to take a picture of the finished product... shame on me! Create your own and show me how it turns out :) 



Jack Sparrow is surrounding me lately.  My grandfather (who is OBSESSED with Halloween) was the Mad Hatter last year, and this year, he's continuing the Johnny Depp tradition as Jack Sparrow.  He tried it out when he went to Canada with my grandmother to visit Danna and family.  Check out the wonderful pictures.

I also did Grey's makeup for his middle school Halloween party! It was terribly fun.  

happy halloween. 



Happy Five.

Recovery week from Midterms.. So fairly slow.  I still had 5 wonderful things that made me smile.

1. Arranged Flowers
2. Learning a new skill
3. Creating Laughter
4. Watching two seasons of a favorite show in one week
5. New Turbie Twists!

It's the little things, really.

hoping you all have a wonderful week.



Alabama Nails.

I have an obsession with houndstooth thanks to Fireman submerging me into Alabama football.  Recently, I found houndstooth nail decals from Sally Hansen.  Needless to say, I'm obsessed.



Inspiration 5.

Here's my favorites of the week! Create something this weekend, big or small.

piles of makeup... 

long braids...

canvas ideas... 


great quotes... 

purple hair and piled on buns... 

great street art... 

old west style... 

party away... 

more paint ideas... 

Louis Vuitton hair and eyelashes... 

pom pom headbands... 

great ideas... 


and fabulous outfits.. 

None of the images are mine... if you want a cite just contact me! If any of the images are yours and you want them removed, feel free to ask! 

What are you doing this weekend? Tonight I'm watching Game Seven (Go Rangers!) and tomorrow I'm working on homework- such is the life of a college student!

have a happy friday.



Go listen to someone else for a while.

Meagan is one of my favorite people. She always makes me laugh. Today, her blog was about Humans vs. Zombies.


Go look here!!!

happy rainy thursday.


iPhone life.

Here's the recent story of my life, according to my iPhone.