morning routine.

The other day, I decided to document my morning routine.  This is what came of it. 

*Note the Disney Princess toothbrush, crucial engagement ring, and big Texas hair.*




Last week I got almost all of my goals done... three and a half out of six plus 7 headbands and an extra scarf isn't bad is it?! So this week, I will continue those and add on a few.

How cute is this printable planner page?! Find it here.

1. Get engagement ring fitted.
2. Pick out Michael's wedding band.
3. Work out every day ( This was my half way accomplishment.)
4. Drink only water.
5. Finish gray scarf, make one more.
6. Pick out Michael's Valentine's Day gift!

I like fun options on the to-do list!! 



Happy Five.

I have been so busy this week getting various things done in just about every area of my life.  I haven't even stopped to see what I'm thankful for, so as I reflect, I am writing this week's Happy Five.

1. The help of someone who loves me.
2. Taking big leaps.
3. Laughing harder and more often than I have in a long time.
4. Awareness of the need for persistent prayer.
5. Eating breakfast after 11a.m. with a precious friend.

have a lovely weekend. 



potato bar.

I had a fun post written up for today and lost it, so instead, go read this post by Cup of Jo that makes me want a baked potato really bad.




Above and Beyond.

The coolest part of my trip to Canada?  (or at least what sounds like the coolest part-- the whole trip was pretty cold-- haha- I'm so punny.)  Definitely standing on top of the Atlantic.

Reasons standing on the Atlantic was cool: 
1. I've never been to the Atlantic, only the Gulf of Mexico and New York Harbor.

Reasons I needed a list to say two things: 
1. I like lists.
2. See point one.

Anyways, here's pictures of this moment of my life.  Notice that Joshua is at the stage of his life where I'm so not cool anymore and he really doesn't want to be taking cutesy tourist pictures with me.  LOVE YOU JOSHUA.




It's so important in life to set short term and long term goals.  Especially when you are crazy busy and can't see straight (*this is my life*).  Here are my goals for the week.

1. get my engagement ring fitted.
2. get Michael's wedding band.
3. schedule wedding cake testing. (*possibly the best part of wedding planning?*)
4. work out every day this week.
5. get ahead on homework.
6. finish the crazy pink scarf.

All of these goals are very easy to get done- hopefully I will get twice as much accomplished!



Inspiration 10.

Trying so hard to get back on my blogging game! Here's a burst of inspiration from everywhere!




For the first four days of my trip to Canada, life consisted of going to the hockey rink, going to Source for Sports for hockey gear, and going home to watch the boys skate on their back yard rink.  I really did love it though! Spending time with my family means more than any sight seeing!

Nap time at the rink

Jude's silly face and Joshua in the background


Bench made of hockey sticks! 

Second night skating

Just realized that most of my pictures from the trip are of Jude!! I promise I spend just as much time with Joshua and Caleb (: 




Yesterday I posted about one of my favorite documentaries I've watched lately.  Another that I watched with Michael and loved is Helvetica.

Helvetica is one of those fonts that's everywhere, but you never notice it.  It's on street signs, government forms, cheap packaging, and hipster companies.  Michael and I loved the documentary and decided to have a competition while I was gone to Canada of who could find the most.

A few of my contributions.

I put the most pictures into the competition, but in the end he won.  The sign he used when he proposed was written in Helvetica.  Automatic win.  




Do you watch documentaries?

They're one of my favorite things to watch, especially when I'm in need of some inspiration.  Last night, I watched Bill Cunningham New York.  After looking at his articles and seeing his blue smock for my whole life, it was amazing to see how down to earth he is behind the scenes.

I would highly suggest it.  



Our Engagement Story

One week ago, I had the most magical Monday night of my life.  Here's the story that everyone has been asking about.

The night before I came home Michael confessed that he had asked my parents if he could propose- we can't keep a secret from each other, which in the end is a good thing! I knew the proposal was coming soon and planned to wear cute clothes every day as soon as I got home and keep my nails pretty! Of course the next day, I wore my hair on top of my head, sweats, and had naked nails. 

I was flying home from Canada (stories from that trip to come soon!) It was a very long day of running to catch connecting flights, standing in line for over an hour for customs, and no one to make fun of awkward people in the airport with. I didn't eat all day due to these rushed lay overs so I was grouchy and at one point almost text Michael to say "If you are planning to propose today- don't!" (So glad I didn't hit send!) 

On the last flight I began to feel better after eating potato chips, Coke, and Reeses- not to mention having the most precious older Asian man sitting next to me.  Poor man had to listen to me talk about Michael the whole way from Toronto to Dallas- I couldn't stop! 

I sprinted out of the plane and practically ran down the escalator to baggage claim.  Michael had a sign that said "Victoria Waugh" on it.  I walked up to him and said, "You nerd!" He flipped the sign over as I read "Marry me?" and he dropped down on one knee.  It was perfect.  

For some reason I thought no one knew what was happening and asked him if anyone was aware that he was asking me.  He nodded to the side where my best friend/cousin was standing recording the whole thing! So thankful for her and that video.  

Hillary hid behind the sign that says "The Meeting Point" - we loved it! 

We are very excited to begin this journey together both in planning for the unconventional, very small wedding on June 29 and preparing for the rest of our lives.