as free as my hair.

So I'm having a hair crisis.  Let's go through my hair history.  There was the whole bob with the big bow stage, the straight stringy stage, the lazy curls stage, the okay I've figured out my hair stage, and now my hair is in it's rebellious stage and I can't figure it out.  It looks greasy no matter what and I already wash it every day.  Even after I use super clarifying shampoo like Matrix Biolage it looks pitiful by the end of the day.  HELP! I need hair therapy.  Tell me what you use, how you think I should cut it, style it, part it, ANYTHING!! I feel so helpless because of the fact that I basically hate styling hair.  I'm super low maintenance in that area.

EXAMPLE. My hair now takes literally three minutes to do in the morning.  I wash it, condition the ends,  comb it out, put in mousse (have used Got 2 Be kinky for ever!)  and pull it up in a messy bun on my head every night.  In the morning, I pull it down and spray it with either Chi or Big Sexy hair spray.  Yeah, that lazy.

I'm trying my beach hair approach tonight. This involves doing the exact same thing without putting it in a bun and sleeping with it down.  This could be a disaster.

It's also been getting on my nerves on the back of my neck during class.  I'm pretty sure I'm smarter with my hair pulled up.  I blame it on Violet from the Series of Unfortunate Events books.

Anyways, here's a few hair pictures that have inspired me tonight.  All images from my Pinterest.



Inspiration 1.

Working on organizing my pictures on my computer, this post is only inspirational pictures, some of which may have already been on my blog, but you'll get over it right? Again, I have no cites for these, if you're really desperate and ask nicely, I may be able to figure it out for you though!