Roll Away Your Stone...

This week is crazy already!!

Michael's surgery went well and he has recovered fairly well so far... still working on eating as expected.  Right now he's sitting next to me watching Southland.. his favorite. It's a bit violent for me but I figure that I'll put up with it since I make him watch HGTV all the time.

I'm already full swing working on school.  Just did my first assignment for accounting. I swear that class will be the death of me! I understand the book, but listening to my professor is like listening to Charlie Brown's teacher.  Economics is a complete turnaround from last semester! I am loving it so far.. of course I haven't taken a test yet so that could change pretty quickly.  At TJC I have BCIS and Botany- both of which will be GPA boosters which are always greatly accepted.  All four of my classes have a lab (even though accounting and economics don't have class time for it- it's all online) so they are complete time consumers!! I told Michael he will get his girlfriend back this summer.

I am out of class on Thursday so I will get to work all day! Yay for starting my day with Alma and Lorraine and actually getting some hours! I can't wait for a little glimpse of what Winter Break was like again.  I made a pretty fun little lampshade yesterday while watching Oprah (yeah- the one about finding out she has a sister..I couldn't resist.) I'm hoping L likes it!

Joy of the week: My loveseat came in!!! For those of you who don't know, I found out the hard way that a 9 foot couch wont fit in the hall to get into my front room, so we had to order the 6 foot loveseat so it would fit!! ha!

till next time,


A little bit goes a long way..

So, this whole keeping up with the blog thing isn't working very well. I've decided I need to set apart 30 minutes a week or so just to keep up and put some of my life on here, if for nothing else for me to remember.

School is back in full swing already, the last day of my first week being tomorrow and me already being fully overwhelmed.  I am taking two classes at TJC- Botany+Botany lab and BCIS+lab, as well as two classes at UT Tyler- Financial Accounting and Micro Economics.  I wouldn't feel quite so stressed except that at this time last semester I was job-less, living in Tyler, only taking one difficult class, and single.  All of the above are opposite this semester.

Job: I am LOVING working at Plan It Home.  Our blog is in full swing! Go see it here!  Alma and I have been working hard on our handmade lampshades! I finally finished my fist today and I am so very proud! Of course, Alma being amazing and all, finished her fifty first today.  (:  Below is one of my favorite shots of my very favorite chair! I took this the last day that the snow was around.

Home:  My loveseat is finally getting delivered tomorrow for my study! I hope that it will encourage me to finally finish it and transform it into the relaxing space I originally imagined.  I may get to work on organization this weekend while Michael is down and out.. speaking of..

Michael: Fireman is getting his wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow morning at 9:00.  Please be praying for a speedy recovery and for all to go well!!! I think he's a trooper and will do great!! He has been helping me out so much with setting up my new Mac I got for Christmas from Mom and Dad and helping me de-stress in the evenings when I finally get home.  Here we are in the snow not too long ago! 

Now I'm off to shower and read for economics and accounting.. at midnight... and start over my crazy day! Nothing like being in college, huh?!