Okay so my plan for today was to blog about the Real Housewives of New Jersey and recap the whole episode, but the people who I truly love in this world already watched it.  Those of you who didn't, well, I will highly advise that you only watch Bravo for about a week straight  until you see the rerun before I see you next.

If you already have watched it, there is an amazing recap by my new favorite person (because of this article) Jay Mohr.  Read it by yourself, you will laugh out loud.

That's really all I have to say today.  *In other news I just found out on TMZ that Danielle Staub is now a stripper in NYC... I called that.* In the words of Caroline, Joe, and Jersey citizens in general, YOU'RE GARBAGE! In the words of my mother and I, she is a styrofoam cup...white trash. But..she's orange. sorry. you get the point. don't worry about it. you'll survive. also because Mom is about to have a conniption, Joe said Teresa was garbage, not Danielle.  SHE IS NOT GARBAGE.

In my own life, I've taken too many antihistamines since lunch due to my allergies to burlap.. not good when I make burlamps all day everyday.  I'm out of my head delirious and watching Dancing with the Stars... I don't even like this show.  I'm just obsessed with reality TV/game shows this week since I have time to watch. Michael already went home with fever... I hope I don't get sick too.

I'm now going to lay on the couch and watch the girl who apparently ran out of costumes so she bejeweled her pink Victoria Secret bra? umm...

good night.



I think I write more like myself when I do small installments rather than big paragraphs. Large bodies of my own words apparently scare me.. There may be a change in the way I blog now... More like micrblogging? Twitterish? not really? Hashtag super cheesy? Hashtag I'll wake up in the morning and change my mind? Hashtag story of my life?

* every time I typed the word hashtag on my iPhone it replaced it with hashish...*
hashtag I need a hashish candle by Jonathan Adler...



Summer Baby.

I'm such a summer child. I live for sunshine, shorts, and sleeping when I want to.  I love not HAVING to do anything pressing.  I love being able to just appreciate the small things.

Yesterday, my to do list consisted of making a friendship bracelet. It didn't happen.  Instead, I went to church- it was Senior Sunday so I got to see pictures of all of those kids how I remember them in elementary school, love it.  Then Mom and I ate leftover Swiss Steak (ohmygosh. amazing.) How are come foods better as left overs? Admit you love it.  Michael came over from his class and we took the tent down from the trampoline where we camped out the night before... yeah, it was cold.  *Note to self: check the weather before being spontaneous.*  He proceeded to play Halo all afternoon while I took a nap.. then another...then another. Can you say fabulous? We had dinner with Nana and Papa and a snow cone then Mom and I watched Real Housewives of OC...amazing. Michael played Halo. Imagine that.  Also, I made toast. With strawberry jelly.  And grape juice.  Be jealous.  How much did you enjoy this super long paragraph of my super entertaining Sunday? Loved it? Thought you did.

ON A RELATED NOTE: I am obsessed with Real Housewives of Anywhere.  TONIGHT RHONEWJERSEY COMES BACK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow, so excited.

I miss Dina already but I'm praising Jesus that Danielle is gone!! 

Teresa is my favorite housewife (since she flipped the table...,)
 but these girls (and Audriana) steal the show

So excited to see how the new girls mix in! And what's up with Caroline being all glamorous?! 

I think I can even get Fireman to watch this one.. so delightful.

Enjoy your summer days. 



hey now, hey no-oww

My first of two finals is in two hours, I've studied all I want to and I know that I've got a great grade in the bag, so here I am, blogging away.  I haven't even started studying for my daunting Economics final, but I do better under pressure and...well...I'm putting it off.

side note: Bella is chasing her tail.. I thought only dogs did that...?

So I've been super lazy lately watching trashy reality TV, aka The Real Housewives, all the time... I've even gotten Fireman to watch with me. It's incredible.  So, for your viewing pleasure today, it's another round of...

whoo hoo!...right?
last moments of BCIS


 My Chinese food came in this bag.. irony?
 my easel TV stand
 beautiful Mom
 silly Fireman
 beginning of first watercolor
 new RL bedding
 snuggling with Fireman and Clancy the Kitty
 Two couches for sale!! Call Plan It Home for more info! (903-657-1230)
 {This is so not a plug for the shop or anything}
 Playing Just Dance with Michael's little sisters :) 
 Clancy didn't want me to take a shower... 

 Dana's paintings
 professional emails between Lorraine {my boss} and I...

Really cute. 

 Clancy and Bella

 sweet boys. 

 MidFinals Massage

 freezing house
 wake up call. 

The End of my lazy post. Hope it was great. okay. bye. 



my life with an iphone.

Random pictures from the iphone world. 

Miss Madi
 Me learning to play Halo...

My Love driving.. look how cute he looks in his pink RL! 
 Halo was life that weekend... 
 The beginnings of my twitter wall... 
 The shirt Mom, Dad, Michael and I have and wear when Dad comes home
 A storm brewin' 

 Inspirational Dixie cup I found at Nana's house.... 

Smart Water... Massive bottle... 

 amazing bag I borrowed from Nana
 Meagan with her ring pop she found at the bottom of her purse. love. 
 Storm chasin... 

 conceited kissy picture... 
 Thank goodness my days of studying Economics in Botany are over... 
 Guacamole is my vice. 
 Fun bracelets... 
 Driving my hour commute.