Office desires.

In my last post, I revealed what is the messiest room in our house- and it's all mine to own up to.  I have some specific things that I want for the office.

First up, I want a rug like the one seen in this picture:

It is a drop cloth cut out like a cow hide rug- I'm in love.  You can see the rest of her studio here!  I'm going to end up using the room when I paint and sew and craft to my heart's content, so the rug will need to be something that is extremely economical and that I don't have an attachment to.  

Next, I want to redo my sewing table and make it funky. Here it is now.   

I would love to paint it and make a new cover for my sewing machine.  I love this color: 

I also want to rearrange and change the seating.  Right now I have this papasan.  

I really want an Indonesian daybed from World Market.

Hopefully I can make this happen! 


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