Begin at square one.

Michael and I moved into a new house two months ago.  We are loving it! We are renting from a wonderful couple who totally renovated it before we moved in- new cabinets in the kitchen, textured walls, refinished hardwood floors throughout the house... it's great.  We also gained an extra bedroom, which we don't currently need (anytime guests stay over, they request to sleep on our huge comfy couches anyways.)  So Michael and I each got an office, a space of our own.  

Michael made his office his priority and has it mostly how he wants it.  I'm letting him take control and not telling him how he "should" do a single thing! I think he's liked this system.  My office, however, has been pushed to the back burner.  From graduating college, to starting a new job, to family being in, and finding approximately 3 million costumes for Grease, I just haven't gotten around to my own space.  

So, I took some high quality iPhone taken and edited photos of the space for you to see in all its embarrassing glory.  

First off, I have some great pieces in here. I have a huge desk that I custom made from Ikea and a large Ikea Expedit shelving unit.  I also have an antique corner cabinet that I painted with chalkboard paint to modernize it.  

Beyond that, the rest is chaos.  I haven't really even unpacked.  And what I have unpacked, I've just thrown wherever it lands...  

...as is obvious.  (By the way- anyone who gave me anything for graduation or my birthday? Yeah your thank you note is on this desk. It will be written and sent shortly.) 

I have things that belong in the trash, things that belong in a different room, and things that don't belong to me and need to be returned to their owner.  

I also have a closet in this room that is not being used to its potential.  

So, what do I want for this space? 

1. An inspirational, multi-use room mainly to be used as an office and craft space.  
2. An organized space where everything has a place.  
3. To someday have a daybed to be used as a couch for the room.  
4. A new filing cabinet (that actually works) so that I can be organized in running our home.  
5. A space that I will want to come to instead of working from bed! 

There will be a complete change coming soon!!! 


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