What keeps me up at night.

We all have that thing. You know the one.  That whole category of thoughts that keeps you up at night.   For most people these are deep thoughts like what to do with the rest of their life, how to save the world from hunger, financial issues, you know, really serious stuff.  For me though, I think its scarier than any of those.  What keeps me up at night is how to decorate my house. YEAH. Scary stuff, right?

Seriously though.  I lay awake trying to figure out how I can arrange a room and make it better, where to hang pictures, if it's okay that my house doesn't really have a color scheme.  Then I rearrange and I lay awake debating if I really like it.  If Michael is still mad at me for forcing him to trade sides of the bed because my bedside table looks better on the right side of the bed instead of the left and I am not trading bedside tables!

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It's ridiculous, I know.  Now I'm off to switch some throw pillows and move the couch one inch to the right.


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