I always have a continuous stream of things that I want running through my head.  I guess it's the American consumerist in me.  So, I thought it would be appropriate to make a post every so often for ALL of you who want to buy me a gift for just being awake by 9 on a Tuesday.

1. This lamp.  Because DO YOU EVEN KNOW ME DUH. 

2. This print by Artsyville.  I just discovered her on Instagram and I'm obsessed. 

3. This, this, and this from the Container Store.  Yeah, I am serious about that battery organizer. 


4. A Buddha butter dish.  I need a butter dish and I might as well have a fun one.  

5. The Violight Zapi.  I've wanted one of these for a while! 

6. This Over-the-Door Makeup Station.  This whole one bathroom thing + no natural light is one of the few things that can cause tension in our relationship.  

So go ahead, get your credit cards out.  I've provided links for easy purchasing.  I can provide my mailing address if I need to? 


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racingyogagirl said...

You are killing me... (And I would like the butter dish too!)